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Reviews for "Ng Mod Meat 2007"


Did you guys raped Maus while she was sleeping? I really wanna know.

poxpower responds:

We're not legally obliged to release that information


street fighter gears of war candy pizza and beer... oh and partially nude asian guys... makes this a really cool slide show... i mean FLASH.. oh the bio page was cool too

poxpower responds:

Haha DanMalo is not Asian, he's black! ( well from the waist to his knees....)


you guys are dumshits i see you had a nice time


its allright but evry1 sez its shit its not its quite funny so this is a 9/10 or a 4/5 not bad

poxpower responds:

It would probably be funnier if more than a handful of people knew what the fuck was going on and who we are.

lol lucky basterds

Looks like you guys had fun, lol god knows you deserve it, or aids. Either one lol :D