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Reviews for "Ng Mod Meat 2007"

Awesome Pox

Good job, loved the flash

Keep up the good work, nothing really to improve lol


Bahahahaha, instant win

Funk is actually Goro.

poxpower responds:

Yeah he did lose some weight.


street fighter gears of war candy pizza and beer... oh and partially nude asian guys... makes this a really cool slide show... i mean FLASH.. oh the bio page was cool too

poxpower responds:

Haha DanMalo is not Asian, he's black! ( well from the waist to his knees....)


Nice, funny, and true from what it seems! A little late though.

poxpower responds:

Yeah I wasn't going to do anything because I had a lot of work to do but then I saw no one else was doing something big and since last year's page was appreciated...
Spent a week on the whole flash + website, and waited another week to have everyone approve of it.


pretty good animation is good

everything about it is good