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Reviews for "Ng Mod Meat 2007"

So yea i didn't have a clue what was going on....

Like you said most people dont. xD The character thing was funny though. So 7/10!!! :o


Nice, funny, and true from what it seems! A little late though.

poxpower responds:

Yeah I wasn't going to do anything because I had a lot of work to do but then I saw no one else was doing something big and since last year's page was appreciated...
Spent a week on the whole flash + website, and waited another week to have everyone approve of it.


All my 5.



Wade you have no idea what you're talking about. If you're on here to slander people because of how they look. You seriously need to DIAF. I think it was cool how something of that er...calibur was documented and the people who use Newgrounds could see that the Mods aren't just a bunch of Tightass cocksmokes. They are people too. And people are allowed to have fun. So Keep up the good work yall

poxpower responds:

Yeah that's right, encourage our bad behavior :O

ahhaahahaha i like the end

the only reson i giveing it 7 is cos of the end u sit throw the hole thing ur bord to nely killing urself then it ses do u wont to go to a web sit with more ahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahaha hahahahahahaahhahaha no i dont wont to see more i think i just wasted a hour of my life read it i dont wont to see more slide shows its like the simsons were patty and sema come around to show them there slide shows (that r boring) i mean aaaa but the ending was funny