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Reviews for "Ng Mod Meat 2007"


What can I say...
It's original and kind of funny..


Alot better than I thought it would be. I didn't really know what to do so basically I just skimmed through the characters. Pretty interesting idea but it would cooler if you could actually make them fight, and if they actually looked like the actual staff member. That would be sweet XD. I gave it 4/5

poxpower responds:

Yeah but I wasn't about to spend a month making a movie that's just supposed to be a little intro to the website. I mean, I was just going to make the character select at first, and then I thought "hey why not put in the MK characters as you select them" and I kept adding shit from there on...

Interesting idea...

I liked how you used Mortal Kombat elements. That was pretty creative. Each character represented a mod, which was cool in a way but some characters didn't mix well. For example, Wade is the black guy? He's fucking white for god sakes! Anyways, the story, I felt, was quite random and stupid. It had some scary elements in it like the music and that made the story more interesting. It's cool to see the mods doing funny activities, especially Maus ruling over the internet. It looks like she's playing an organ with a really evil face. I can't wait to see what 2008 has to offer. Overall, this flash was great and I enjoyed watching this! Great Work Poxpower! :D

-Voted 4!


poxpower responds:

I just randomly ripped them off some site that had them animated. I just made sure the girls ( and Dan ) were female characters,that Funk was Kintaro and Tom was Shao Khan.

Anyways this is more of an intro, the real point is to have people go see the website, but I doubt a lot of people will anyways.

Awesome Pox

Good job, loved the flash

Keep up the good work, nothing really to improve lol