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Sci-Fi Guys 9

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My ex-wife programmed a feature buried inside this flick; a weird little interactive game which weaves the tapestry of my stupid life for no good reason except to annoy you. I only wish I could program as well as her, so I could add in everything that has happened since 2001, when this movie was actually made! A lot's happened since then... I'd never even heard of Newgrounds in 2001 for God's sakes...

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. I know I said the eighth one is my favorite, but having watched #9 a few times today, I think I like this one best now. I like everything I do. And my penis is tremendous.

Speaking of tremendous penises, wait until you get a load of SFGX next week, when the Sci-Fi Guys visit Planet XXX! On the other hand, you could just go watch RAB toons if it's pure smut you're really after.

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It seems like they never did much with Furbies. Were there ever any cartoons about them? I don't think so. Well, they probably would have been awful. It was great seeing all these pop culture references. I've seen so many movies, I recognize them all!

The animation still seems to hold up. How impressive. It's amazing how mild this is compared to "Retarded Animal Babies". You even bleep swears! Are there words in that song?

Lol is here to stay!

awesome! do more Sci-fi guys, man!
oh, and Highlander ftw!

Burfies give me bad memories...

Furbies are bloody evil... they are posessed... i had nightmares after seeing a posessed furby... i hate furbies...


fubies always scared me cuz of gremlins das sooo weird


tribbles and gremlins ftw