Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys 9"

Very Funny

Dat shit was fucking hilarious keep em coming

sweet christ

4/5 because it was funny... but kind of odd..

my favorite part was when burfy was hungry,

all of the animation was outstanding and the voices fit well.. and they were clear.

good job


C'mon Dave, how could you do that? I spent fifteen minutes trying to beat that game when I found out, by just clicking that button, you don't have to play at all! I'm not even sure if it can be beaten.

Of course, I'm rating your cartoon here, not that. It was pretty funny, but the actual show was kinda short. More than anything, I enjoyed your intro to the game.

Great success!

I didn't know I knew you as well as you thought I did...or didn't.

You went bankrupt? What?

I agree with that person who's name I forgot because he isn't interesting enough...you SHOULD continue making this series!

It could turn into something....worthwhile? No...not that, the other thing...a meaningless waste of everyone's time and life! Yes, that's it!



great work you should make new sci fi guys episodes. loved the highlander reference. "there can be only one!"