Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys 9"

I like this episode

Heh heh you made fun for furby and gremlins at the same time I love it.

I love this gang you made

i really do!


This was a pretty good episode, I liked all the references you put in.

nice one, yet again -

soooo, if you do the game properly, do you get anything? Anyway, good one Dave, and by the way, nice bags under your eyes, dude! lol

Great, yet disturbing

Love the graphics in this series but the sounds repeat quite often (like the scream). Oh and for those of you too lazy to figure out the timeline (use the hair and weight to figure out what the order is):

1980: start collecting Legos
1987: Work at a daycare center for 6 months
1989: First cartoon strip: "Barfman"
1990: Open a Video Store
1995: Sell the store, make children's software instead
1996: Quit my job, buy a van
1997: Bankruptcy
1998: Cut off all my hair