Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys 9"

Rough, man

You had to do all that sugar-sweet little kid crap? Agh. Well, here's to not having to do that ever again.

speak for urself!

(sean connery accent cuz this had a highlander thing in it) shpeak for yourshelf Phantom!i had bloody fokkin nightmaresh from that furby bashtard!the little shon of a bitch did shtrangle me in the middle of the night!i burnt every furrrrrrby i got in my mcdonaldsh happy mealsh becaushe of that blashted little bogger!


I basically peed my pants watching this. It reminded me of waaay back when I watched a furby being burned on YouTube. That would be so scary if it were real, and strangled you at night! *Shudder*...
I'm glad you did children's software at one point, because otherwise, you wouldn;t see how sucky it really is...Another one of your great works - you're the one we all watch!



I watched this on thanksgiving today 2007, which was pretty cool. And yes, this was a great episode. Great job!

your all animtions are cool.

Dave every animations of you are cool