Reviews for "Sci-Fi Guys 9"

really good

ur movies are so good so humoristic and good graphics! i hope there will be more soon :D


Ooh, very nice. GOod graphics, and it was nice and funny too. Great job! Sci-Fi Guys should have it's own series page. :)

Good job!

Ha ha ha ha! As always, thsi episode was absolutely hilarious, especially the little minigame in it. I wish more cartoon flash series should involve something interactive to bring you into the story. :D Can't wait for the 10th episode. We should celebrate or something. haha, then we can celebrate for the 50th episode, then 100th, then 200th..............yep.


I can't help but love the precursor days to RAB. I applaud you mister Lovelace.

Holy shit!!

Wow, it's been so long since a new Sci-Fi Guys cartoon was made, at least from what I've seen. Good return as well. Start making them more frequently, RAB isn't your only good work!