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In Tri-achnid you play as an endangered species of exopod on the verge of extinction, in search of a safe heaven for his young the tri-achnid must fight his way out of the lithic alps by any means necessary.

To run Tri-achnid well you will need a good PC with Flash Player 8.

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Very. Good game

I have to say this game was pretty good and some intense fun on this one so nice congrats on winning some awards on this it was fun to see you win as it was well deserving anyways not much more to change on this game it was just right and good as is

No changes it's a fun one


This is every good programming considering we didn't have hinge joints etc back then!

Komix responds:

haha I made the Tri-achnid so rubbery tho I still don't use hinges even in Unity I prefer to code it myself. the collisions in unity are awesome tho.

I loved this game ever since I first came across this in like 2008. Saying that I have one complaint. I always forget where the larvae is on stage 2 so I often pass by it and collect all other larvae but the bestiary only shows all but the one entry for the missing larvae but at this point playing the whole thing threw with the level selecter does not fix that issue therefore making it impossible to few all bestiary descriptions without getting everything perfect on the first go.

episode one? i still hope for that seeminglyforgotten sequel.

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Oh. My. God.
This is PURE perfection, the music, the gameplay.
The platform level seemed impossible to me until i figured that since the sack pushed me with it, grabbing it and extending the arm would make me fly, and it did. The first level's music is too sad for my likings, but who cares.
It feels like an art game, and believe me i played many of those to know that.
Triachnid 2 was most likely abandonded a long time ago, but this game didn't abandon me yet. I've had some good times with it.
(Wow, my longest review yet. And this game deserves it)

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4.22 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2006
6:56 PM EST
Action - Other