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In Tri-achnid you play as an endangered species of exopod on the verge of extinction, in search of a safe heaven for his young the tri-achnid must fight his way out of the lithic alps by any means necessary.

To run Tri-achnid well you will need a good PC with Flash Player 8.

Read the instructions to learn how to play!

Reviews are welcome!

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I have been looking for this game for years. It, for whatever reason, was one of the most memorable flash games I ever played as a kid. <3 It's a fun and interesting mechanic with a wonderful set of visuals.

Very interesting game, shame it doesn't respect my time. Level select unlocked upon completion? Just why?

this game was my childhood i spent so long trying to find it all i had was the memory of the little spider character and i finally found it!!!!

Komix responds:

Ha I know that feeling. Was it like you remembered it?

It makes me happy to see that this game is still here. Its really unfortunate that a sequel won't be made, but I'm happy i still got to experience this gem. Though this game can be difficult to control at times, it still has a wonderful story to it. The idea of a tripodal creature that can spin webs and has to take care of its children is great and the story of the triachnid's partner getting killed and the triachnid's revenge against it's murderer is too. Someday I hope a game developer sees this game and continues the story for me and so many other people who enjoyed this game.

Very pretty and sad game. The controls can be a challenge, but I'm pretty sure that's the intention, to make the player feel for the challenge that is the life of our protagonist, the Triachnid.
Also awesome to see an appearance of it in The Binding Of Isaac and its remake. Though there it's like, big. I wonder what its size really is compared to a human? Would totally love to hold Triachnid in my arms and pet it, poor little thing...
The music from the Tin Hat Trio is also phenomenal and a great, great choice that very much fits the atmosphere of the game and its world.
Apparently this also takes place in the same world as other games of yours like Cerebrus Peashy. Nice. I love connected worlds.