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Reviews for "Tri-achnid"

I love this game for so many reasons, as this was something apart of my life that made me the me I am today. The idea of such a creature is astonishing for one, and the excellent tale it brings forward. I will not surpass my benevolent attitude to that of a suck up, so, with that being said. 5 stars, why? The selective music that draws in it's peaceful atmosphere through out this beautiful game, whereas the creation of what you have to bestow upon others is fascinating.The game in itself is so soothing, and should be a brazen that slithered into my heart. I found this so wonderful, the depiction of the world , the realism it offered, the difficulties you could overcome, and the knowledge that you are not just a hero or heroine saving the day smiling with recognition. You play as a brave creature built on determination to get your kids back, face tremendous obstacles that are well designed, fun little boss fights, and you simply display your open mind onto this canvas, with creativity and commendable game.

-_- there are alot of glitchs that will autokill you for no reason

Komix responds:


Fuck this game's advice. I'll devote my MORNING to it.

Still one of my favorite flash games of all time. This game has aged really well. Beautiful score and fantastic ambiance. I'd love to see this game remade (phone game? ;) ) or expanded upon. Seriously, this game is gorgeous.

RIP sadness