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Ultimate Gun Tutorial

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>>More recent guns of mine and another tutorial can be found there -> http://rayne.hellawack.ne t/people/scrimpy <<
I have also upped the guns there because the download in this Flash doesn't work anymore: http://rayne.hellawack.ne t/media/files/scrimpy/553

Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for the collection and daily fourth <3

~ scrimpy

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When i saw this, I thought: "Oh, just a random gun tutorial, meh, ok." I clicked it then I looked through everything, and i can see you are very intelligent. I only know the names a of a select few guns. Very iconic ones, but i never really knew how they worked. So this taught me a lot more then a i used to, thanks for the info, I don't know, maybe i might need to use this info later on. Anyways, great tutorial. 5/5.

Very nice. One flaw on the 6-burst machine pistol is that the muzzle flashes need to be moved and rotated to match the gun after the first shot, because of the recoil. Other than that, it was good.

Its pretty cool that someone decided to post a tutorial for those that want to use guns in their work. This is kind of what is recommend for anyone that wants to use something that is a part of the real world (we call it something fancy like "research"). Let this tutorial act as an example; check its history, break it down piece by piece, examine its appearance, etc etc.
If there is one thing you should have gone into (I don't know if I missed it), but there is also plenty of info on technique when using a gun. Perhaps some of that inspiration may inspire people a little.
Still, despite how good it is, I think its a little sad how many times I've seen a gun used with games. I know they're irresistible, but jegus are they overused. Ah well, we all just can't get enough of them. XDD

scrimpy responds:

Thanks, yo. In retrospect, I think I should have explained how to animate a character using a gun as well. After all, this was supposed to be an animator's resource.

Very good man. I loved this tutorial ^_^ You help me so much!
Thank you, bro! I love you ^_^

scrimpy responds:

Thanks, brah

ok what

theres no piont in this

scrimpy responds:

Cool story bro