Reviews for "Ultimate Gun Tutorial"

3 words for you

You are God. Of guns.

scrimpy responds:

Thank you there :D

not to bad

it was prety cool,um....that was a bad joke you put in there

scrimpy responds:


Very Nice

Very well done, one of my favorite, er should i say obsessive things to do is to keep editing my guns to look better, especially now with your tut,though none of mine are actual guns.... but in any case well done, though i would have wished for a sorta "How To" for some of the effects, mostly the moving bits on guns. Very well done

scrimpy responds:

I have covered the advanced stuff in the newer tutorial. Includin moving parts.

Really good

Very good tutorial, nice FBF explanation, very detailed. Only downside is that I couldn't download the gun packs [Broken link] :( That doesn't stop me giving it a 10/10 though!

scrimpy responds:

It's nothing new that the link is broken.

Thank you anyway.

I loved it

Glad to know there are other that know about guns.
Im suprised how accurate these were ( although the mp5 mag was a bit thin)

do you airsoft, just wondering

scrimpy responds:

Making it accurate is easy: Find a picture. Trace it.
It only becomes problematic if it's too dark in some places so you cannot exactly see the outlines.

And no, I do not airsoft, it's pretty ironic. I've got some at home, but that's looooong ago.