Reviews for "Ultimate Gun Tutorial"

very good tutorial

its very special i think

scrimpy responds:

Well, thanks.

Sweet! :D

this is awesome! but when is your link at the end going to be fixed?

scrimpy responds:

Never, probably.


kudos your knowledgable of guns and the mechanics, im glade im fortunate enough to leaarn this from someone who knows what they are talking about. What fps you running at?

scrimpy responds:


good dude good...but euh...

the shotgun there, his name isn't spas, its spaz. spas is a type of mini swimming pool, that are built inside houses...

scrimpy responds:

It's the SPAS. Go to wikipedia if you don't believe me.

Its ok, but...

I think you should leave the gun animation and facts to people who know what their doing, or learn more about guns.

scrimpy responds:

This is not the moment where I just "leave it to someone else", but actually do learn more myself. Which I did, but whatever.
Thanks anyway.