Reviews for "Ultimate Gun Tutorial"


Great but how do i shrink the guns i downloaded????

scrimpy responds:

You certainly lack key flash skills there.

Look at a flash tutorial. Although It's not compöicated. Not at all.

Not bad

Thanks alot you reallyhelped me with my animations.

scrimpy responds:


What i would like you to teach

is how to draw them, But, really good tute.I would love to draw like you.And, if you have a sneeze(i'm bad at english too xD i mean, when you say ATCHU!!! xDDD), hesunhai

scrimpy responds:

Well, I realized that it is explained rather primitiveley here. My guns are old anyway. Same goes with this tutroial. Thank you anyway.
Check the Authors comments for a more recent tutorial. And more recent guns.


this helped alot

scrimpy responds:

Why thank you

gun download

it was good but the link for the download guns isnt working (atleast on my comp if you could get hat sorted in the next 2 day's pm me if its after 8 days then dont bother ive got the trial and it ends in 7 days but overall its good if you knw of any more complexgun outrials can u pm me as well tnx : )
ps i voted 4/5 cause of the not being able to download guns like it says u can

scrimpy responds:

It'd be great if people read the Authors Comments...