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Megaman Zero Alpha

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X is now leading newly founded Neo Arcadia, a sanctuary for all humans and reploids. The Mavericks War is almost over, but peace was not nigh. Can X count on Zero to help keep Neo Arcadia safe? Or will destruction once again wreck havoc?

Megaman Zero Alpha takes place before the Megaman Zero series, covering the missing plotlines between the Megaman X and Megaman Zero series. More missions will be available as the series continues. Sprites and sound belong to Inticreates and Capcom.

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Currently stuck at the grey door with red accents at the end of the intro stage.

Also, this song is super good, what is it called?

just put it on, and play this master piece

This is one game that i remembered playin' a lot outside NG but never knew it was originated from here. For a game that is short, i love the backstory of this that it fanfaction it's own way and try to rely it with the canon of the GBA zero games. As for the controls, they're responsive and i have no issue with, gameplay is fun also. However, the only drawback that i could think is that there isn't much else to do in the game, but i can't go against it that much since the name of the game already gave me an indication of it's short length.
Overall, Great memories with the game that could be expanded back then.

i miss this era of the internet

It's a really great concept and though the controls are a little off at first I've had a blast reliving this series. I think the story and writing are pretty well captured and executed great! I will say it's just a tad awkward on a laptop, and for me personally controls felt slow resulting in some accidental deaths. Great job though man!