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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"

It takes awhile to get used to the controls. Thank you for having different options. I was impressed at how authentic this was to the game. Then again, I've never played the game. Well, I've seen enough parodies to understand it. The music's great too.

You get all the unique enemies from the game too. It wasn't too hard for me. Even the opening cutscene was great. I think the smaller image works. The sprite work looks better that way.

It deserves 5 starts just for that song, fit Zero perfectly and the Megaman series soundtrack. Loved it since always.

i rally think that the game is awesome i always loved the zero games when i was a kid hope you keep up the good work.

Why does the full charge saber take 25% of the 3rd boss's health?! It's ridicolous!
I fed that elf for nothing >_>.. welp.. Be free elf! *sets elf free*

I can't access the boss room