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Reviews for "Megaman Zero Alpha"

Controls are Wack!

Other then that pretty good game.


Chadomac24 just wall jump behind the spider and keep slashing him and just jump back up once he uses that elec net,thats how I did it ^^
The game is pretty good with story and all,but I have no idea how to use the elf o.o"

how do u defeat the spiderbot in lvl2

how do u

Almost like the game itself!

I really liked playing this game, it made me feel like I was playing the actual Megaman Zero on GBA; though I wish it had as good of music and effects as this. What was the music that was played when you fight one of the two bosses?

My ruling:


Great job man; I really hope you make another one of these flash games. Maybe something like before the Elf Wars?

Very nice

This got me addicted enough to buy the whole set Zero 1- Zero4
but I do have a question however where do you get the music from? I know it's from the game but it's not GBA quality it's better then the GBA music but where did you find these?I want them too