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26/8/2006: Update - New version. Now also has WASD controls, and for people who cant find the return key, you can now also press E.

Note: People complaining about the aiming - This is intentional and part of the game. Different weapons have different shooting accuracy, if you want to shoot accurately from distance, use a rifle, otherwise get closer! Its the same code for the alien fire as yours, so they dont get any unfair advantage as far as shooting accuracy goes.

Do battle against an alien race on distant moons in this futuristic side scrolling shooter. 12 randomly generated moons, with 36 randomly generated levels.
Different everytime you play it.

Please note that this game is not supposed to be a frantic flying through the air blast em up, its more tactical than that and if you use those tactics, you wont get very far. Use the terrain as cover and creep up on your enemy where possible.

Also note that this game was originally designed to be impossible to complete. It is very hard to finish but I know 2 people that have done it, so stick at it!

Hope you enjoy...

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I found this to be a really cool game. What turned me on the most about it was how well the graphics were. I got a true sense of uniqueness. I will say that it does get a little repetitive. It could also use some more music. It reminds me of similar games, only easier. It's still good.

I just liked how you had a lot of mobility. There was really a precise way of understanding everything and you got a clear shot of it. I think you had to shoot the big machines right in the middle to kill them. I don't think shooting the lower parts did anything. The bombs are cool too.

I remember when i was a lot younger and i played this game for hours.
It just reminds me of my early childhood. :)
Thanks man for this awesome game! ^_^

i agree

yea purdipinsliscrityur im a gamer i play games until i beat them u think u beat 1 slow paced game and u start talking some crap about being a true gamer whateves ur a gamer wannabe


I suppose it's ok. It's a bit slow-paced, but the concept a good idea. Could be better.

PS: purdipinsliscrityur, stop acting like you're a gaming pope.

pretty good

i love how your on the moon, and the moon is in the background at the same time

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2006
11:47 AM EDT