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A Simple Line 8

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Menu music: Orodreth (oronapi.com)
ty MSM :)!!!

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This was very fun! I didn't even recognize most of these authors. I think my favorite was BBQs. That truly was SpongeBob's golden age. I had no idea it would be that long. I love how it went all the way.

Wow, that sounds dirty. I just had no idea this would be so epic. The music is of course great too. The length was perfect. I've never heard of you guys getting together.

Totty responds:

on behalf of everyone in this feature, ty. This is one finished thing that came from the days of MSM (Make Stuff Move), starting very eearlyyy in NG originating as Dan Paladin's website forum that needed more space to argue about art as teenagers. But we did make things like this which are some of the cooler things I did in 11th grade. I think we all tried secretly our hardest in a friendly, educational rivalry to bring our best to the collaborative skill car show of animation put together by Monk, the genius.

I know I definitely tried my frigging hardest to find the sharpest, edged-visual-lordiest sequence of things in my brain to animate, and then did whatever that was- and it's very funny to Older-me, because I still do the same thing when I can get away with it.
It's very cool to see this and reply on a ten year late comment, three years later, and think about then, now, newgrounds, and how rad stuff is. anyway bbq come back, you too tox, you too, me.
maybe we will...some day...


Totty i love your sh*t so much. I must be watching your work on simple line 8 and 9 at least once a week. I don't even force it, it just goes by itself. Pity that 9 didn't turn out in a collab, hopefully 10 will.

Good luck and create some more so i may be happy once again.

Totty responds:

workin' on it !

still lovin' it!

i've watched these a million times,
i like totty better, the rest are still cool..


had everything i needed, pendulum, hideki naganuma and sum trippin awesome animation 67/10


i like how artistic you guys are. this is a really colab i hope you guys make more and the music was pretty good