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Pico Sim Date

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Happy Pico Day!


-= Prodigal Sons =-


- UPDATE - Wow! I'm absolutely overwhelmed by all the positive reviews I have recieved! There is a high possibility that I will redo most of the things that are buggy and to add to it. And I'll definently try to add the suggestions you guys have gave me (save function, more days etc.)

But for now, I'm going to take a short break from flashing hardcore. Until then, Please Enjoy~

One final thought: I can't beleive someone actually used Nene's hotmail. An LOL to that person! :D

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Cute game.
Artwork is pretty well done.

some "bugginess" to the game though.
The girl doesn't remember what's she's already told you, and tells you the same dozen or so things repeatedly. When out on a date: she usually asks 3 things, and 1 is pretty much always something she DIDNT day before.

She kept asking me to "call her tonight" without every giving me her number.
She asked me if I remembered it on one of the dates.
Given that's she's prone to repeating herself: it is unlikely you'll NOT fail at least 1 question.
(She even asked me the same question twice on 1 date, then knocks me for not remembering what she said days ago?!?)
Given that you'll likely fail 1 question: it would be good if the gifts could make up for that.
Instead: you need to first get 3 questions right, then give 2 gifts, then take a picture.
Only if all of that worked do you get to kiss her.
Miss 1 out of 3 questions: date is a complete failure.
Miss 1 question on 2 dates: you lose the game.

I've heard her tell me her birthday like 12 times, but still don't know what her blood type is...
(And she keeps bragging about her IQ too.)

RNG heavy, but it's still good.


I DID IT IN MY 2nd TRY. I searhcedfor answers so yeah lol

I love this game but it would be better to have the ost :)