Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

i have a question

whats with the pokemon battle music in the fight?

That was *twitch* really good.

I got her *twitch* to go on a date *twitch* with me on the 41'st day. *twitch* at the end though i *twitch* didn't expect an emo boss *twitch* to attack me but i killed him *twitch* anyway. I am pretty *twitch* good at these sim games so *twitch* my stats were like
lol.. *twitch* good game, update it and i will test *twitch* it out.

I DID IT!!!!!

man, that took me forever! atleast 5 attempts till i actually got to go to the dance thing. LMAO i actually had to write down tons of info about nene.

Great game man

This is the best dating sim ever.

Usually I hate dating sims, so i was reluctant to try this one, but it was REALLY good! I've played like 12 times, and I still haven't won! (eventually i got her to give me her email, but for the longes time it was -1% and i still never got it, and i tried for 20 days!)
Good work! I love this game!


I love dating sims...but it got a little annoying with how many ways you can lose. You won't know the answers until you play the game 15,000 times (or look for the cheats here from some lovely person...thank you!!!) and the loss of days when you lose a fight is really frustrating. I like this, but I would have liked it more if you didn't lose so quickly.