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Magneto Syndrome pt.1

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Part 1 of 6.

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would have found it hard if wasn't for a helpful guys walkthrough i think nice game

I always loved this game. Why has if fallen into obscurity?

if you are looking for all the other ones they are never gonna be made (unless someone can get a good idea on what will happen in 3, 4, 5, and 6, and can animate the same), cause look at his account.
83, Male. he would have passed, unless he is still alive but not active on newgrounds but i doubt that
other than that he has a nice game here
oh and number 2 was made a while ago http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /357355

its a walkthrough for this game.
1) take the knife and hit the scientist
2) take the key from the pocket of the scientist
3) use the key in the cabinet nearest to scientist
4) take the box & click it on the glass cabinet opposite.(need to hover over the left bit of it till u see a hand cursor)
5) once the glass cabinet smashes,take the key from the cabinet & use it with the cabinet further back from front one,click the hole
6) open to reveal a beaker,use the beaker & place it on the table(find the hand cursor again and click)
7) click the glass cabinet again,left bit of it...to pour the liquid in the beaker
8) then click to use the table,& use with the lamp next to the door to push the table under it.
9) click the switch & choose MAX.heats up the liquid,smokes fills the roof,water drops from ceiling then water from tube reduces...and u will be free after that he will ask for( where is the exit) its in second episode.
hey guys i am new in this website.....i hope this walkthrough would be useful for u all guys....best of luck...nice game

Help i don't know how to win

what do i click