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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"


Once killed the guy witht he scizorz i cudnt figure out what to do next it wudnt let me use the keys with anything or nuttin so w/e...

Amusing, but too short.

Not bad, but it could use some reformation for the next part. Mainly dealing with the selection of the objects and the not being able to de-select them. You know, the stuff that everybody has already mentioned. Nice idea.

I've had dreams of being able to do shit like this

This game was pretty frickin' cool. I love the thought of being able to move metal with your mind. Although this game didn't have much depth, as all you do is kill ONE person (although it was a sweet death), you move around a container or 2, and you escape a tube. Cool start for a series of games, but I hope the next few games are more complex.

Fun but too short.

I liked it but it would have been nice to escape a whole building instead of just one room. Nice game but I wanted MORE.

It was okay. Nothing more...

It was an good point and click game. Nice concept for a game. Kinda short, and not much to do. But its a good game and some nice graphics.