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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"

great game!

It took me about 15 minutes to figure it out but my man went free. I can't wait until part 2!

great point & click

you have been geting some negative feedback about the game play and order of use of items, but i for one like this style it makes it more challenging.

looking forward to next part


1. click the scissors and click on the scientist
2. click on the yellow key in the scientist's pocket and click on the door with the white knob that is closest to the screen of your computer.
3. click on the metal box and then click on the glass chemical cabinet.
4. click on the key again and click on the other cabinet with the white knob.
5. click on the cup and put it on the table
6. click on the glass cabinet
7. click on the table and then click on the light.
8. click on the light meter and click on max

come on...

wheres the other episodes? it was good!

Prepare for walkthrough/ SPOILER ALERT!!!!

1. Use scissors to kill sicentist in the head.
2. Grab key from dead scientsist
3. Use key on the metal locker on the right [click on the small white dot ]
4. Grab the metal box and click on the cabinet with the chemicals
5. Take out the key on use it on the other metal licker on the left.
6. Grab the beaker and put on the cart.
7. Click the Acid chemical and it will fall into the beaker.
8. Move cart to the lamp.
9. Set lamp to MAX and press OK
10. Chemical will smoke-up the room and cause the smoke detector to activate. [this happens automatically]

This is a great game! Cant wait for parts 3/4/5/6!