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Reviews for "Magneto Syndrome pt.1"

Good game

I liked it...a little short and i too thought it was strange that you couldn't unclick an item...!!
But knowing its Part 1 of 6 makes it ok :)

Im stupid

tell me wut to do after u killed him! :P

not too bad.

i liked it. wasnt bad at all. the fact that u can make a mistake using sumthing and have to start is over is a good idea. most point and click games only allow u to use an item a certain way so there is no mistakes. this one didnt take to long to figure out and finish so i cant wait till u add the rest of the game. i gave it a 9 due to the fact it was short. but i know it not finished. it was just short.

stupid glitch

with most of the things you click and use, you cant un-use them. how are you subbosed to un-click something? good game but needs definate improvement.


awesome game
im giving it a 9 though cause it was so easy
well done