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Shamoozal: Black Friday..

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Black Friday Blues was created for anyone who was ever unfortunate enough to work during the Thanksgiving holiday - trust me, it sucks.

11/22/05 Edit
About the legnth of the movie:
I noticed a lot of reviewers saying that this is just a little to short. Originally, I was to have Grey get to work and duke it out with customers, but when you work a full time job and have a million other things to do in life, you need to start editing and fine tuning. For me it comes down to the entire "quality vs. quanity" phrase. If I held your interest for the brief minute it's on for, then I feel that I didn't do half bad, right? :)

Anyway, thank you for the reviews thus far, I appreciate the constructive ones - negative or not.

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I work at a mcDonalds as a manager and we are right beside a Walmart, I hate Black Fridays lol. People buy stuff then all that shopping makesthem hungry and convenintly placed is a 24 hour McDonalds.Its cool though I meet interesting customers and hear all about the stuff they got on sale lol)

smooth animations, but didn't fully get grasp on what was going on? (i know it was for Black Friday), maybe it was i didn't watch the other vids of your series, sry man (i probably would have had a laugh out of me :) )

The animation was smooth, as you had said yeah it is a quality one. The part of the story is relatable. But there is one question I want to ask about your quality vs quantity phrase. If a person found that there is a 50 dollar note on the ground and a 100 dollar note next to it, which one will the person pick? The answer is that he will pick both of them. I not trying to be a douche and ask you to work over time or something like that. I just recommend that you should somehow balance both, I can dare to say this because I have seen animations with both quality and quantity, and I also know you have the ability to produce such works from what I have seen. I am not forcing you, but it is still a way to earn you more five stars. It's more on balance not which one gets more, just like the note question.

I can relate,

Oh god, I can relate, I feel bad for the guy...


like how he got of bed