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Reviews for "Shamoozal: Black Friday.."

Very good! ^_^

Hey this is Joe's sister... I love it, it was hilarious! I watched it like 30 times already and made my friends watch it too and they all love it. All of your cartoons are really great and I look forward to your new additions. Between you doing all of the voices and artwork and Joe making sounds and bg music... you guys are awesome! Keep up the good work! ^_^

dude it was way too short.

graphics: pretty good but a little sloppy sometimes.
style: it was a good idea for a flash but seriously it was like 30 seconds long!
sound: the sound was the best part+i like the guys voice it was funny.
no violence.
interactivity : what does interactivity mean?!?
humor: the voice was the only funny part.
overall it was ok but since it was really short then it doesnt really deserve the front page.

As you said, a bit short!

I was anticipating it to be longer, but it was an excellent Flash. That little music number was great, and animation was smooth, and the voice acting was good also. Three thumbs up... I came into contact with toxic waste.


i love how he just straight up rolls out out of bed haha, looks like it coulda been longer but we all have lives and stuff so it's understandable, the last line is what i say all the time


that was great. I loved it. maybe I appreciate it so much because, well, I have to work on friday.. lol
that, and it was very funny