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Reviews for "Shamoozal: Black Friday.."

lol beautiful

i love how he rolled ou of bed and through the whole house lol

after seeing #3, i had to see the other works!

it was hilarious~!
"I hope im fired!" rotflmao


I'm one of those people who has had to work during Thanksgiving, and you're right... man, we had four lines of people, each line 10 people long, for hours. Every time a customer was "dealt with," another would replace his spot in line. It was awful, and I was in the back making all of the food, with only one person to help me, and he was lazy.

Nice movie, btw. It did feel a bit short, but it was nice anyway. I loved the rolling out of bed part. I've felt like that back when I'd wake up to have to go to work.

Very nice :3

It IS short, and felt kind of like it stopped halfway through the episode, but it was still really well done. I loved the part where he rolls out of bed.. and just kind of keeps rolling. >D


I bust my balls laughing when he just rolled all the way to his car.