Reviews for "Shamoozal: Black Friday.."


Great humor, and woot he drives a Delorean! :D


i agree that was amazing you did a great job on that last one the only thing detering me from a 10/10 is well ya no that will always be there and even when like ya know no offense this sucks compared to the new stuff (dont act shocked we all know its going to happen) but yea loved it i fucking hate black friday sales my ass

"i wanna shop but i dont wanna buy i just wanna save"
dont we all agree?

but yes i die gres


Quality vs. Quantity

Dude that rocked, the animation was awsome, you have a joke anyone can relate to, + it was short. If anyone has to make the desicion between quality and quantity, chose quality. Shamoozal rox.


What the ?

OMG! HILARIOUS! But I'm more random... I make my friends laugh at school alot... that was just SO Hilarious! It's like he opens his eyes and then the clock is knocked off. He asks the bunny to go to work for him and he says "stop being an idiot!" and then, he falls off from his bed. Then he suddenly starts rolling? It's so hilarious! rolling toward the car XD and the coupons.. and the saving... and the money... money! coupons! I want to save! Coupons! MOney!

I suppose I relate to these very much so.

- Good stuff -
I was really laughing at the beggining when Grey was getting up. It was really well pulled off and funny. The VA was very good and you could tell the feelings of the character was speaking. Also I love the way that you rarley use black lines, it really gives the feel of relaxing of flash. There was no mess-ups withe audio or frames and the quality was brilliant on any setting... even low!

- Bad stuff -
It was really short, but i suppose my opinion does change with the old saying.