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Reviews for "Shamoozal: Black Friday.."


That was funny! The opening scene was pourly done, because, is he was laying down, the clock should be sided and not straight... But the rest was just funny has hell, jesus! xD
I mean, he literally rolls out of bed, rolls throw his living room into his car, and the door opens magically! Fantastic! And then he goes crazy.. And the trafic is just still... No one moves... But no one remmembers to pass to the other lane because no car is passing throw the other lane, and it is just hillarious! And the ending? XD I won't get over it sooN! XD LOL! Well, you had your share of my words, so I'll be going... See ya!

(yeah, I know... for someone self-intitled "5uMm0n3d", I'm quite peppy, ain't I? Well... What is it with you? xD I hope you get fired! XDXDXDXD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I know how you feel

I love the movie, iv worked 3 black fridays so far, this friday im working from 4am to 11pm. Its the worst day of the year. If you shop on that day.... you shoes should light on fire while your walking.

Nice movie, loved it

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i guess thats cuz he has to go to work after thanksgiving i dunno i didn't really understand that. But anyway very funny, I love how he rolls out of bed and out his house into his car (which is a delorian i guess?). The coupon thing was kinda funny as well. How he sleeps with a rabbit was awesome. As many others have said, needs to be longer.

This is so true.

I have worked on Black Friday before, and have heard stories from friends, and let me just say... I know what you mean. People get freaking pissed off when certain things aren't on sale and they're expected to be... it's really annoying going into work and seeing a crowd of people all over the damn door trying to get in. Then when you squeeze through the door, a couple of carcus's squeeze in with you. PLEASE. This flash should be made into a TV commercial. People over react over saving a couple bucks. And workers should get a raise on that day... or at least first dibs.


I have nothing to say....