Reviews for "Shamoozal: Black Friday.."


that was sooo great! hahah i loved how he literally rolled outta bed. I would love to see more of this and get some questions answered, like who is Taco and why is he a creepy rabbit sleeping in his bed? Wow, that was funny stuff good work.


go kill your slef when you goto hell ask saten how to make better falsh conntients then try agian in the after life if there is on

Shamoozal responds:

Last time I checked I used Flash to make this, not so sure what Falsh is.
Sorry you didn't enjoy it, you can go back to watching Get Rich or Die Tryin'.


he rolled out of bed and through the house to his car. that was the best
make more of these shorts


Dude, the animation and graphics are awesome! The concept is understandable, and it was pretty funny. Good job!

I know exactly what you mean.

Sure, this is a short flash here, but what you have is really nice...there aren't any big issues from what I can see. Add a bit more sound variety, if you can.

Oh, and I work retail and I just happen to be working the morning shift this year...so this cartoon really struck a chord with me.

Not a bad job overall. :)