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Halloween Pranks (clay)

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*1:36 PM Apr. 10th 2006 wooohhooooo!! finaly im in the clay collections!!!*
*11:26 AM Oct. 31st 05 yes!! halloween collection!... ok im getting
greedy but if you guys could now click
submit to collection to "clay" it would be very appreciated* (hey im trying to get popular!)
*6:20 PM if you like this movie click submit to collection on this page for halloween 2005*
tired.... so tired..... need shower, food, aspirin, shower, shower, food, oh and shower. now that i got that off my shoulder...

please note that the audio isn't great so try and see past that, vote fairy and dont state the obvious problems i have cause I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!!...

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Fantastic Claymation

Well notbad at all the animation and flow of the clay could be smoother maybe even adding some subtitles on this would be another idea, cant go wrong with some clay mation you have some Fantastic clay-action in this one Fantastic Claymation and some really nifty output on this one I think you have some nice direction on this one, you have a nice idea here with claymation keep up the good work.

the animation and flow of the clay could be smoother maybe even adding some subtitles on this would be another idea


neonfox3 responds:

Thanks for the reply! I did this 12 years ago I believe? I miss doing these but I haven't found any good stopmotion animation programs since my webcam crapped out and my new computer refused to recognize the old software. But I'd love to get back into it if I could get the right stuff.

I wish I knew a way to add subtitles to this because some of the voices are really hard to hear because 19 year old me was trying to be quiet while doing the audio. lol

Anyway thanks for the feedback! <3


even though knox is better, this is still funny,so ill give you 5 stars

neonfox3 responds:

knox kinda sucks all he has is a good mic and camera his jokes were better 3 years ago, and this movie was made about that long ago anyway so my new stuff is better. besides, im tiring of clay anyway, i'd rather be cartooning.


I hate how people say: "Your copying knox" and "the voice acting was bad.">:( TO THOSE PEOPLE THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO MAKE A NONE DETALISTIC CLAY BLOBS GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't get me wrong knox and neonfox rock and you too freemont an dustball and gel but come on!!! (Takes deep breaths) Man that felt good=)

neonfox3 responds:

knox is kinda lame, his jokes were good 3 years ago.
cant forget mackproductions he's great too.

ha ha great movie

This deserves an award, its awesome

cool one

that was a pretty cool halloween flash and an awesome claymation... enough said, and if you don't believe me, then watch this one for yourself.