Reviews for "Halloween Pranks (clay)"


this is awome i thought the background props and stuff were really kool and i loved the Helloween guy on the TV AWSOME!!!!!

good job guys

i love it it cool i do it to =) i love 0_0 ^_^^_^=D


i think you are a good animator and this was funny, i just want you to make nicer looking characters. great sets as well. keep doin what your doin, but better :p


i culdnt stop lafin that wus awsome i think it wus very funny hehe

beeeeeeep ya that was gay

the best part was when I told you to put the knife in the kids hand.I told you that that part would be hecka funny.

neonfox3 responds:

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ya see,
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P.S. thanks for the review Mr. omega mega mega -neon