Reviews for "Halloween Pranks (clay)"


yeah that was awsome man!!
i did not know anyone else who uses sounddogs for flash!
it had everything cool, the music, clay, halloween, beavis and butt-head and killing cool...


That was one of the best klay animation's a watched. The houses looked nice. And nicely animated.

Vote this Front page plz :)


i culdnt stop lafin that wus awsome i think it wus very funny hehe

Don't ask me why I didn't review this 6 months ago

You never see outdoor backgrounds like that!

Anyone who doesn't think this deserves to be in the clay collection is mentally retarded. I hope to God that you make more of these Neon. You're one of the best animators and best entertaining clay animators on the site.

And how about LWG 4 sometime soon?

neonfox3 responds:

i do indeed have a job i work at quiznos but i still dont have the money i need for jungle environments but maby sometime.
i have other non clay animations i've been working on for sometime now.

p.s. why aren't you on AIM anymore? email me.


And a message to the last reviewer, Freemont said that this claymation and artist were both great! He didn't say anything to let him down, and Freemont can film alot better than YOU buddy!