Reviews for "Halloween Pranks (clay)"

bad freemont

dont let freemont get you down. he cant film anything that good. you have one of the best movies in the clay area.


Don't ask me why I didn't review this 6 months ago

You never see outdoor backgrounds like that!

Anyone who doesn't think this deserves to be in the clay collection is mentally retarded. I hope to God that you make more of these Neon. You're one of the best animators and best entertaining clay animators on the site.

And how about LWG 4 sometime soon?

neonfox3 responds:

i do indeed have a job i work at quiznos but i still dont have the money i need for jungle environments but maby sometime.
i have other non clay animations i've been working on for sometime now.

p.s. why aren't you on AIM anymore? email me.

Not Clay-Page Worthy

The sets were pretty good. The voices were bad. The characters were aweful (because they are ripoff of Knox's). Humor wasn't that good. I liked when the guys fought. I don't think this should be in the clay page is because 1. Claymen were Knox's blue blobs except they were white with eyes and 2. The voice acting was bad. If those two were better then I would be glad it got clay page.

neonfox3 responds:

yeah sorry about that man..
my mic sucks and my characters look like knox's because i dont have the funds to build realistic characters all the time. with my job i barely have enough to pay rent.
i just have cheap wiggley eyes so i try not to rip them off with that.

but hey, when do you ever see outdoor backgrounds like that?


a great claymation vary cool when you made it look like the claymen were drawing oh ya whens lone warrior guy 4 coming out

Funny and Interesting!

This rox! Halloween pranks by claymen. It's obvious they don't have anything better to do.