Reviews for "Halloween Pranks (clay)"


Lawl man this was funny ass hell lol. this made me laugh, my most fav one is when that guy stabbed hs face with a knife that made me crack up. btw good job. pls make more

very good work

this is the most retartedly halarious halloween short i have ever seen continue making great clay animations like this one

Why is this on the frontpage?

I usually really like claymation and always look for the talent and overall goodness in everything. This however was just stupid. The concept of a couple of stoner-like friends going out on halloween and scaring little kids left me waiting for the funniest shit to happen, only to be dissapointed by the lack of a plot, humor, or just sheer entertainment.
It's not in my nature to flame, although I make exceptions when I witness a good idea go to waste.


the best claymation i ever seen.
and the background is the best

keep making claymations like this!


And a message to the last reviewer, Freemont said that this claymation and artist were both great! He didn't say anything to let him down, and Freemont can film alot better than YOU buddy!