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Thing-Thing 2

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I'm glad you guys like the game! Thanks for the great reviews (I've read every one of em)

It's finally done, the sequel to Thing-Thing. I read 800 some odd reviews and took just about every reasonable suggestion, and even some stuff you guys didn't ask for, and put it into Thing-Thing 2.
The controls are all in game, under tutorial, and there's a fairly in depth tutorial you should read to get you started.
The game has a save feature! It auto saves after every level, or you can go to the options to manage your data.
Note: This game has nothing to do with the first one, it's just another game in the series.

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I am going to be harsh on this, This game is WAY TOO EASY, as long as you keep jumping and walking the enemies will never hit you, giving enemies some firearms would solve this problem, but even if you manage to get hit, (which is once in a blue fucking moon) you just wait a second and your health will recover.

The only times I managed to die was when I missed a jump and once against the boss because his shotgun blasts do a shit ton of damage.

Hopefully this is improved on in future games.

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4.39 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2005
5:24 AM EDT