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Thing-Thing 2

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Author Comments

I'm glad you guys like the game! Thanks for the great reviews (I've read every one of em)

It's finally done, the sequel to Thing-Thing. I read 800 some odd reviews and took just about every reasonable suggestion, and even some stuff you guys didn't ask for, and put it into Thing-Thing 2.
The controls are all in game, under tutorial, and there's a fairly in depth tutorial you should read to get you started.
The game has a save feature! It auto saves after every level, or you can go to the options to manage your data.
Note: This game has nothing to do with the first one, it's just another game in the series.

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@Iggyx @Sassano @auditt4 guess reload the game is the only choice to play stage 3

I finished the game and I have to say this is a little more improved over the first one. So in this one, you play as the guy from the first game and have to kill the enemies in each level to progress ahead. You get guns like pistols, shotguns, and SMGs. There are 4 ammo types in the game for certain guns like the desert eagle, normal pistol, SMG, and shotgun. There are different weapons to use in the game and some you get for beating levels. Some you get for getting a certain amount of kills. The enemies are pretty easy compared to the first one when you see one they just run up to you to punch you and when your far they jump and some even jump to their deaths from pits. I did die once in the pit and got killed on level 3 when my game just gave me a game over from just falling to the bottom so I had to restart the game not the progress just the game. Some weapons in the gun like different guns for certain ammo types are better than others some aren't. The guns have recoil that flip back and some of the new guns that you get for beating certain levels are better. The enemies in the first one had more challenges because they had guns compared to the ones in this one. There are mummies in the game that have more health but are easy to kill. The final boss is pretty easy to take out and when you beat the game you can do it in hard mode and get more weapons to unlock but I don't feel like it. There are different places you go in the gameā€”the rooftops, city, and desert. You can do survival mode that I'll try out which I guess that you try to survive as long as you can before you die. You can create your characters look which is nice and has been in the first game. I give this game a 8 out of 10. I bet the sequel is much better.

very pika, but level 3 is glitched

Great game, i especialy love the graphics very smooth and well detailed, the game itself was very impressive very fun and loved it from the start to finish, nice work indeed Cant see how you could its very welldone and im happy with it from start to finish A great game fun and somewhat addictive, great detail, great control, awsome game.


To cheese the boss, stand near the corners of the arena when it's shooting from the upper platform. At a certain angle, the boss will never come down, and you can lay into it with relative safety.

The earlier Thing Things are really primitive games by modern standards, and while things like the weird shooting and the floaty jump are annoying, you really can't fault the game for it due to the time in which it was made.

Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2005
5:24 AM EDT