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Reviews for "Thing-Thing 2"

Considering the fact it doesnt do something with the first one makes it feel like a Spin Off than sequel, which dissapoints me

This game is so broken. 1st off, the weapons upgrades are impossible to get (level 3), the enemies aren't even trying to jump gaps (level 1), and the slightest crack in level design results in a game over (level 4). I didn't play past level 4 because the enemies provided no real challenge. This game did NOT age well at all.

unfortunetly this is probably the weakest and worst of the franchise, no story at all and it's just a game where you constantly just run and run to not waste ammo with enemies that respawns every second, the only good thing was the bossfight.

Good Memories

The only good thing about this one is the final boss which is kinda fun.