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Reviews for "Thing-Thing 2"

manerin tambem

This is the worst Thing Thing game ever.
How come the enemies(except for the boss) don't use firearms?

my one problem is that once you run out of ammo you can't do anything

Pretty good quick little shooter game. 3 things made it a lot less than it could have been though:
The recoil is extremely difficult to adjust for and has the gun waving wildly around the screen after just a couple shots.
Walking backwards and forwards dramatically changes the angle at which you fire, which while adding to the difficulty only does so by making aiming more frustrating. Not a good thing in a shooter.
The 3rd and, to me, worst annoyance is that whenever you pick up a Derringer you automatically switch to it. They are the reason I lose in survival mode. Every time I walk over one it messes up my aiming and I have to spam F to get back to the Handgun and keep shooting.

this sucks all the enemys do is jump over my head! :(