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Reviews for "Thing-Thing 2"

Great Game!!!

That was an excellent game. It took me a while to beat it but I finally did. The last boss is pretty hard but I whooped him on my 3rd try. I loved Thing Thing 1 and this one was definitely an improvement. I look forward to Thing Thing 3 (if there is in fact another one coming). Keep up the excellent work man, ciao!



Dude.. you have out done yourself
this game is GREAT
You ar realy good..

the only bad thing is that the bad guys dont fire back at you...
ooh well... GREAT GAME anyway *big smile*

5 outa 5... wish i could give you a higher score

oh my god i just splooged from this game...

Completely amazing. I played it for about 45 minutes straight. I think I'm gonna come back to play this even more and more. We need more of this game!


Fantastic game, played it through twice, unlocked all the weapons etc.

Great gameplay, really simple, insanely addictive, brilliant fun. The number of guns was great, the third pistol's wickedly good if you have a fast trigger finger (as the only gun with _no_ recoil), it makes it worth playing through the levels more than once just to get the new guns, though I must admit, the second boss gun's pretty disappointing.

Anywho, fantastic game, in thing-thing 3 (which I'll assume is in the making?) it would be nice to have non-cyclic gun selection, perhaps some melee weapons (the punch was useless :(), and maybe have the enemies shoot back occasionally. Keep up the fantastic work.


it was awesome!