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Green & Black

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The goal here was to make a short game using only 2 colors and the colors in between those 2. Green (#00CC00) and black (#000000) were those 2 colors.

Thanks to Xelius for the highscore scripts.

Glaiel Gamer, back again with Green & Black. Also play Red & Black and Red, White, & Blue.

DAILY 4th PLACE! w00t!

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great flash!!!

very nice flash, i def enjoyed it, good j0b:))))

didn't even know it was on newgrounds

the games were fun, but I gotta know, what is the name of the song on afterburn?????

Good and bad

Well, another colour based game collab, another set of reviews...


Well, the problem with this game is much the same as in the independent release of the game you did. It isn't that hard, which means the tie limit has to get brutal before you really start worrying. This is even easier than your independent release, as there are only the two colours instead of five. Again, some levels are ridiculously easy following ones that take several clicks. Strange.


Wow, this game does not look pretty. Mode7 was never a great style for faux-3d as much fun as Super Mario Kart was. And making it a Burnout style game also doesn't work, as there doesn't seem to be any kind of race here, just trying to make the other cars crash. Unfortunately they already drive like coplete idiots, and you hardly ever seem them as it is. Awkward to play and not that enjoyable.

Smash: Vert et Noir

Another fantastic Smash game, filled with the humour you expect from the series. I like how all the other competitiors were robots, to fit in a bit more with the green and black colouring scheme, muchlike old computer monitors. Wasn't that big of a fan of the optical illusions round however, as I didn't really see any of them as proper illusions. Still, great game!

Keep It Up!

Honestly, this was just very sloppy. Not a great deal of time has gone into making this look any kid of decent, and the game itself is also a huge letdown, being nothing more than a boring, easier version of Breakout, without any of the avtual block breaking. The weakest game of the collab by far.

UFO Fighter

Another fairly boring, generic game. Side scrolling shooter with very basic visuals and gameplay. Quite boring to be honest with you.

Overall, a fairly mixed bag here. There are a couple of standout games, but the tohers leave a real sour taste in the mouth. Dissapointing.

i aggree with pyro maniac

the racing game is the best one there please make a full game out of it!

Indeed, LOL

I agree with the guy under me.

That guy is a nut. Unless he has none.

Great game, anyway.

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2005
3:44 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 18, 2005