The 5 Shades of Brown

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**EDIT: Thanks alot for Front Page and the mention on AOTS, Tom!

This is latest addition to the 5 Shades Collection! This time, the only colors allowed used were 5 specific shades of brown. The flash also had to be based on nature and all its beauty. The included artists are:

Thanks to everyone who participated and to DNR for helping out bigtime with the menu animations.
Please enjoy this collab as we all worked very hard on it. THANKS!


It was ok, but surprisingly nothing stood out.

There weren't any that stood out as particularily good, unlike the previous 5 Shades, which had at least one that I'd really like and enjoy. It just really seemed to be worse than the other ones. I didn't really like much the music and art/animation. To be honest, the whole thing was kinda "so-so but you know they tried". Hope I see an improvement in the later installments of the 5 Shades series.


Pretty good graphics, nothing else much to say.

very good

u should make these more often.

A bit of a let down

U used to many shades of brown for it only to be 5 but the animation was alright. u shoudl have just made a standard colab rather than taking on a 5 colours. 5 colours r 4 da very best so i wasdsiiappinted in that sense, i only reckoized one person. It was good animation though, go for a less well know title for your collab

I ussaly like your animations, why was urs headered with a preloader? Anyhwo, piutting aside the fact you used more than five shades of brown and white and black aren't brown then it was alright. Some of your loops weren't quite right and i don't have a clue whats going on

The bets one. U stick to the colour scheme a bit and your animation is traditional five shades animation. Loved the music but i dind't get the bit at the end where it sez "it never ends", and then it does?? Aww well. Next time choose a real five shades to be in as this is not real

Zerky Space Lizard
AWEOMSE, the only bad thing about it is the excessive amounts of gradients. The start was quite funny. To improve you should make it more clear who is firing the missile launcher thing as i thought it was going to hit da people then it blew up the tree...

By far too short. I don't particulary like that style and u used so many browns i lost count. the movie is menat to be oriented around the colur rather than making some stuff brown...Was good animating though

Space Chicken
You could tell from the start that it was going to be a funny movie. From the sign and the music. I personally thought the punchline was a bit of a let down. In some ways too short but in others the perfect lenght. You kept to the colour scheme perfectly


This was a completly pointless collaboration. The five shades of Brown? The only animation that was even remotly good was the one about the squirrels, by Space Chicken.
If you are thinking about watching this, don't, because it is a real time waster.
-The Commie Pinko

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Jul 7, 2005
9:49 AM EDT
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