Reviews for "The 5 Shades of Brown"

Did you know

When you guys named this movie, did you know that it is a swedish movi named "Fyra nyanser av brunt"(Four shade of brown). Did you now about this movie or is it just a coincidence. Anyway, the movie was relly good.

Great collection

How can you go wrong when a bunch of great artists come together? That was good, especially since I'm basically a damn hippy. Bring on the propaganda! lol

Very Creative

Loved all of the movies.


im a big fan of your work,,, is this the first collab u guys have done .... its really wicked and i like how u have used the 5 shades of brown and shit.,....its so original i just read the last review and dont worry bout him cause he just talking out of his ass ;) i reackon that was brilliant!!! but how do u make a loading bar guys...anyway great work email me

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Gotta love nature

This was great. Five brilliant pieces of flash work, all focused on the topic of the beauty of nature. What could be better. Maybe a play all button. Nice work man!