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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "The 5 Shades of Brown"

Should be closer to the top!

I cannot believe that LAME Zelda animation is rated above this one! This one has great style, quick pacing to maintain intrest, and has a unique presentation. Worthy of multiple viewings and high votes!

Brown is not one of my fave colours...

And thus I went in to this experience the first time expecting to not like it anywhere near as much as 5 Shades of Red, Blue, or Green. But from the moment the lovely shades of brown (how did you make such a bleh colour look so nice, you glorious bastards?) on the menu screen, I knew the possibilities were a bit greater than I had expected. On with it, then!

mynamewontfitin: Eck. More preloader waiting = not good. But a gorgeous tree and a tiny little war of tiny little proportions = greatness, my good man. The treads of the tank continuing onward even as the rest of the vehicle had been blown away added a bit of comic relief. Butterfly bomber = heh. Shoe = weapon of mass destruction. Bravo!

DNR: Excellent cartoony animation style. Liked the little squirrel reaction shots as the robot took out the freakin' forest and laid waste to the countryside. Impressive...

ZekeySpaceyLizard: Ye loves teh "ye olde"s, dontcha! Anyway, this particular piece of classic cartoon music is something that seems perfect for you to use, and of course it HAS to be about people (or animals) waking up in the morning to go about their normal business before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, eh? And so it goes. LOL! "Loggers..." Damn straight. This is the best use of Eye of the Tiger since Heretik used it in his hamster's revenge flash. Excellent job as always, Zekey. I think you coulda done a really nice long flash out of just this concept, BTW.

Greedom: Brown does VERY well when it is a secondary colour to black, I must admit. Thus the slow fade-in intro from complete blackness that you designed was wonderful. And even once brown began to dominate, you kept the shades complicated enough and the blackness everpresent... Nice effects, too. Spinning background for the win!

SpaceChicken: More classic(al) cartoon music. Heh. And a person (who isn't in a biohazard suit)! How curious. Heh. The way you do clouds and tree bark is absolutely awesome, BTW. Just felt I should mention that. OH NOE, A SQUIRREL IS BEING FED. :::alarm sounds to all the other silly skwerls::: Great short!

And an excellent job all around to you all. Despite my colour-based reservations, it was truly one of the greats and can stand side-by-side with any of the other 5SO's. Congrats to you all on this excellent piece of flashart!

good collab

since when are black and white shades of brown? But seriously, those animations were good, especially ZekeySpaceyLizard and Space Chicken's.

Good But Definitely Flawed

There were some animations in that that really didn't belong or added to the other ones in the collection. It is a great idea though; it is better then just making one long movie that doesn't make any sense. I like how you divided it into separate cartoons. That is a really good idea.

And animals scared me before...

And animals scared me before...