Reviews for "The 5 Shades of Brown"

Very good

I have seen the blue and the green series of the 5 Shades, and time after time u all do a good job. Keep it up!

DNR--> so that's where crop circles come from XD
Mynamewontfitin--> Very unique and buggy
ZekeySpaceLizard--> Now I'm scared of birds
Greedom--> About Africa and life......thats nice
SpaceChicken--> Now u got me afraid of squirells

How do you enter in a contest? (Next Shade Collab)

I've only seen the Green one, but I already want to try one. You don't have to be amazing at animation right? Does every submission get in if it's not total shit? OR are these the cream of the crop?

Once again Awesome
Fatblimp23 - AIM. I'd like to try one.


You guys did a really good job on all of your shorts, the animations were smooth and clean!


I really liked how GNR some how used a really popular Spanish song and turned it into the backings for a beaver slaughter and commie missles!!!!

mynamewontfit, awesome concept, and interesting ideas... the kid made me laugh the hardest

zekey... omg... I fell out of my chair laughing so hard, excellent incorporation of musical back grounds

greedom, very very artistic, beautiful

and finally Space Chicken... squirrels that look like cats... funny to begin with, but the overall irony of the fact made it most humorous...

all of you have a lot of talent with drawing, so keep it up!

Pretty cool,

Just because its based on brown and nature doesnt mean the creators are all indians Wedginator so be nice.