Reviews for "The 5 Shades of Brown"


all them rocked so much, but greedoms i particulaly liked, i felt it owned so hard it hurt, all veery good


i liked your preview on attack of the show with tom fulp that was tight but i only watched 15 min. of it......anyways,nice flash!

Yet another great one!

This is just as impressive as shades of blue was, and the score is there to prove it. Its great to see them coming strong.

The graphics were awesome for a couple reasons. I like the idea of using only brown first of all. More importantly, its awesome to see so many different animating styles in one submission. Thats why i always reward collabs with great style points. But even if this wasnt a colllab i loved the idea of all brown so the style would still be high. Of course basing it all on nature helped the style even further. The sound in each little movie proved very good in the long run. Some people may not have liked the music in mynamewontfitin's movie but i found it innovative and fresh. Great audio quality too. There was also a solid humour element in this and i thank you for making me laugh guys.

Overall another great collabortaion, and i just love to see that. Just for the record i liked Zekey's movie the best, though i cant exlain why. Anyways im looking forward to the next. 5/5


those were sweet I got say that had to be difficult with the whole 5 brown shades and nature and stuff i liked all of them but i think i might have liked GNR's the most

good one

very nice animation. probably my least favorite of all the '5 Shades of...' movies, but this 5 Shades of Brown was still a very nice one.
great work, hope you guys win an award for this one... and glad to see it get on the front page too.