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Final Fantasy 8 Spoof

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Author Comments

Oh my god, I totally didn't expect this to get on the front page, but it did!
I have to admit, the box bit is a little too long. I've noticed that a lot of you were complaining about the long box sequence.
Well, much to your happyness or whatever, THE BOX SEQUENCE has been DOUBLE-SPEEDED AND CUT!
Also, I added the flashy effect you get when defeating a big-boss, to fit with the boss music. Dosn't explain how it's a random enounter, though... could be kinda like the tonberry king.
It's important that I get comments, but only constructive ones help. By reducing the length of the box sequence, the video quality has been improved by 10%.
This is my second video, and I have to say that I am still very inexperienced. I hope to improve in the future.
I'm really pleased that this was on the front page though! <3.
I know a lot of you are giving me bad reveiws, but y'know, this is jut something we did for fun. And it was fun, so we acheived our goal.
Zell - Josh Bird
Boxman - Me
Recorded by Greg Ramsden (who also put the burning box on his head.)
Edited by me. (Man, it took it's sweet time.)

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It was okay.

good idea

but the video was horrible.


I love how you set his head on fire XD. Friendship is magical

My king

Best FF8 spoof i've seen in ages. You have my total undying respect!