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Reviews for "Final Fantasy 8 Spoof"

You rox!

FF8 rocked, especially zell...that dude looked strangely like him aswell. Anyways,keep making those movies!

the movie is silly and funny not to menchin crazy

even thoes he only beats up a man in with a card board box on his head it is still funny to know that he burns to death!!!!

Boring, but not bad.

Actually, this was a pretty good application of flash on a movie. It certainly coulda been better (the seemingly five minutes of the cardboard on fire comes to mind), but the actual fight was pretty half-decent :)


omg did you really set his head on fire? :P good job though


Don't worry bout it being a video, as long as it holds some proof it was made in flash its ok.

Do the WHOLE thing in flash, don't act cause you cant