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Reviews for "Final Fantasy 8 Spoof"

u blaady idiot

u shud never play with fire on the other hand that was good


You should of done a different limit break,but still that one was cool!

Lol totally awesome

Great job man, I loved it. Though for the limit break, I was kinda hoping that you were gonna open a can of whoop ass on him, none the less great job. Looking foward to more, keep it up


this is hillrous make anthor are you sure your not squell sorry for the misspell you could of but a playstic sowrd or something though thats all very funny lol


wow that was pritty funny, but i remember seeing it on a couple other sites, are you the one that did it originally?

Kirol responds:

It's on other sites? Got a link anywhere?
I never uploaded it anywhere else...